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About Mi Maestra

I began Mi Maestra Spanish School in the summer of 2013 with a drive and passion to bring quality conversational Spanish instruction to children in Gainesville, FL. After months of fustration trying to find an affordable curriculum that I believed taught Spanish in a way that our children would actually become fluent in the language, I found a phenomenal curriculum that focuses on grammer, pronunciation and fluency. I want to share this with others in the community while helping to support my family as I believe this community is lacking a quality Spanish program.

My name is Jennifer Kochert and I am of Cuban nationality. My first language growing up in Miami was Spanish, I have fond memories as a child of speaking to my family and friends in Spanish. It was this foundation that cemented my own launguage, however many children do not have that opportunity yet have a desire to learn Spanish.  

I have a great passion in teaching children and am the mother to a beautiful four year old named Sophia that I home preschool at this time. My husband and I live in the NW side of Gainesville and attend The Rock of Gainesville church.

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